Continuous glass fiber woven fabric
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Continuous glass fiber woven fabric
Continuous glass fiber woven fabric performance metrics
Continuous glass fiber woven filter material, the use of alkali, the alkali glass fiber yarn, non-alkali filter material with non-alkali no wax 12 t (80), the alkali filter material used in base waxes 40 silk, through high twist ply, weaving and special formula, processing made of filter material. The filter material has wear-resisting, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant, condensation, dust stripping resistance is good wait for a characteristic, can also according to user requirements into repellent oil type, anti-static type, effect of different varieties, such as, alkali-free glass fiber woven fabric can be used for a long time under the temperature of 260 ℃, the instantaneous temperature is 300 ℃. In the alkali glass fiber woven filter material used in under 250 ℃. Steel, carbon black, smelting, cement products in the industries such as industrial dust removal, counter flow type dust pollution control of the industrial flue gas dust are well above the verification..
Bulk continuous glass fiber woven fabric performance metrics
Bulk continuous glass fiber woven filter material is on the basis of continuous glass fiber filter material research and development of a new type of fabric, the weft yarn using all bulk yarn woven. Because the yarn fluffy and soft, high strength, resistance to fracture, stripping resistance good, permeability is good. So can improve the filtering speed, reduce the filtration resistance, dust removal efficiency is greatly increased.
Fabric structure: double weft, twill, double
Formula: silane, FS2, Psi - (graphite products) series, the FSA (prevent dewing formulation processing) series and so on.
Resistant temperature: 80 ~ 300 ℃
Filtering wind speed: 0.5 to 0.7 m/min (weft double) 0.5 0.6 m/min (twill)
Scope of application: steel, carbon black, cement, smelting, industrial coal boiler, etc.