P84 (polyimide fiber) series needle felt filter material
    Publish time 2016-07-25 13:49    
P84 series needled filter felt filter material
P84 is a kind of resistance to high temperature synthetic fiber. It can work continuously exposed to 240 ℃. P84 fiber is made of a type polycondensation polymer, is not resistant to hydrolysis. P84 is a kind of 3 leaf disc shaped fibers, due to its single fiber increases the surface area, provide a can effectively capture particles of medium. Therefore P84 is one of the most effective synthetic fiber, P84 is thermoplastic again, when the glass fiber cannot endure the wear and tear of the pulse ash removal, P84 to replace the glass fiber. When there is no chemicals or water, it works best. But P84 will both by acid and alkali corrosion. P84 series needled filter felt, P84 type high temperature resistant type antistatic, P84 labeling, etc
  P84 (polyimide fiber) series needle felt filter material