My company since its inception in 1991, has been to get your trust and support, thank you for the twenty years of southern industrial support and great kindness, jiansu industry all staff would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you and good wishes! In southern liaoning industry over the past 20 years of development, to you, we respect the customer, gives us enormous strength on your trust and support, as well as the southern industry under the hard work of the staff, we with high quality products, warm service and good reputation to win the market and consumers give good appraisal and trust, this will be our strong driving force for progress.
Yingkou to send special steel AOD furnace dust removal project

Liaoning HengChi LCDM-arc furnace pulse bag type 

dust collector

Jiangxi 2850 m after the blast furnace dust removal project at iron and steel company
Neimenggu baogang power plant project of dust
Jiachen group steel environmental dust removal project
Xuzhou eagle mountain cement co., LTD., kiln head, preheater dust removal project
Jia gorge carbon black co., LTD., production line project
Neimenggu dust removal project pile group of hubei chemical co., LTD
Liaoning bo boron alloy dust removal project
Jilin pools cement project cement preheater pulse bag filter
Liaoyang international boron alloy dust removal program