Starting from wire drawing, twisting, weaving, acupuncture, chemical processing, inspection, stitching, total, packaging, warehousing. Before delivery and so on each link to get the strict process control, set up advanced physical and chemical laboratory, for raw materials into the factory and factory production of semi-finished products and finished products to strict physical testing and chemical analysis, made clear requirements and quality assurance, thoroughly eliminate quality hidden trouble.
Twenty-five years of professional manufacturing, made an experienced, skilled staff. Beautiful environment clean and tidy of the factory and advanced production equipment, to ensure the realization of the high quality products.
ISO quality system of process control and strict management, embodies the value and dignity of jiansu brand.
Spinning, twisting and refund process
Wire drawing process
Automatic carding process
Fold the network process
In acupuncture process
The main acupuncture process
Since the feed, needle assembly line process
The weaving process?
The weaving process?
The weaving process?
Fully automatic stitching process
Cutting process
Automatic stitching process
stitching process